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Freshwater Aquariums

Nearly everyone has seen an aquarium in their lifetime. At a friend’s house, a restaurant, a party, a local business looking to stand out… many people love to keep aquariums, and you can find them nearly everywhere. The word ‘aquarium’ actually comes from the Latin words ‘Aqua’ meaning water (Shocked? Yeah, neither are we) and […]

An Introduction To Convict Cichlids

Also known as Zebra Cichlids, Convict Cichlids originate from Central America and fall into the category of Beginner fish due to their ease of care; they are also known for their ability to breed extremely easily in a home aquarium.  They are called Convict Cichlids due to their Black and White stripes. Being a “hardy” […]

Keeping Dwarf Cichlids

Dwarf Cichlids, originally from Africa, are a less aggressive type of the cichlid but more sensitive. Dwarf cichlids do not grow as large as the other species of cichlids; males grow no larger than 3 inches, while females only grow half that size. Due to this factor this type of cichlid can be kept in […]

Live Plants For A Freshwater Aquarium

The plants that you decorate with should be ones native to the fish’s original habitat. This is true even though your individual probably has never “seen” or experienced his native habitat first hand. In general, five types of plants can be used in your fresh water aquarium. The first type of plant is grown by […]

Setting Up Your Tank for Tanganyika Cichlids.

Tanganyika Cichlids are one of the widely bought aquarium fish in the world. When buying Tanganyika Cichlids for your aquarium it is important to assess what type of species you are buying. These fish come in over 150 different species, depending on the type you buy, is how you should set up your tank in […]